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Waiting for the Day

Waiting for the Day CD is no longer available.
Companion CD to A BANJO PICKIN’ GIRL – The Life and Music of Ola Belle Campbell Reed

Mike Seeger wrote this about A BANJO PICKIN’ GIRL – The Life and Music of Ola Belle Campbell Reed:
“Thanks for the Olabelle book, much appreciated… there’s much good
to read and learn there.”
Best regards, Mike

Waiting for the Day is Judy’s latest CD, and it is the companion CD for her book A BANJO PICKIN’ GIRL – The Life and Music of Ola Belle Campbell Reed. The CD has several of the banjo tunes on it that Ola Belle taught to her, and the words and music to them are in the book.


            Waiting for the Day contains the following songs:

1. Cannonball Blues – traditional song from Ola Belle’s repertoire.

2. Chewing Gum – a banjo tune that Ola Belle liked to do for children.

3. Down in the Willow Garden – traditional murder ballad.

4. Ground Hog – traditional banjo tune.

5. Hills of North Carolina – Judy wrote this song and it is based upon a story that Ola Belle told her of a distant relation who lived and died in the mountains.

6. I Hate the Train That Carried My Girl From Town – one of my favorites from the tunes that Ola Belle taught me.

7. I’m Just Here To Get My Baby Out of Jail  – great old story song.

8. Innisfree  – The words were written by William Butler Yeats in the poem titled The Lake Isle of Innisfree. Judy added the tune.

9. It Ain’t Going To Rain No More – another children’s song that Ola Belle liked to do in schools.

10. New River Train – this song is also known as Darlin’. It was the theme song of the New River Boys and Girls, who added the chorus and renamed it.

11. Single Girl – Judy did not learn this from Ola Belle, although she said she knew it.

12. Sowing on the Mountain – this was the first song that Ola Belle taught Judy, and it has a lot of room for harmonies.

13. Waiting for the Day – Judy wrote this for those displaced by war and by Katrina. What must it be like to be changed by brutal actions  over a long period of time, so that if one was to return home, it would feel  foreign and ill-fitting, losing that feeling of trust and comfort.

14. Wake Up Worried – Judy wrote this in early January 2007, when the world was experiencing many global climate changing effects. A friend called her and they were talking about the weather, and the friend (mother of 3 small children) said “I wake up worried.”