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Community Supported Agriculture, for the farmer, is a way for a small family farm to sell directly to a large number of individuals and families
      without going through a middle man,
      without having the cost of expensive packaging of produce,
      without the time and energy drain of extensive deliveries,
      while guaranteeing a sustainable income for the farmer. 
In other words, it is a way of keeping the small family farmer in business.

Community Supported Agriculture, for the member/customer,
      is a way to get fresh – 10 to 14 days fresher than the grocery stores –  and local chemical-free fruit and vegetables every week during the growing season.
      is a way to know where and how their food is grown and who grows.
       a way to personally connect and participate in one of the oldest cultures (agriculture). a way to support financially, and with your own two hands, a local business.
   In other words, you can make a difference.

                                                Builds Community
   CSA’s have become, almost exclusively, the marketing system for the chemical-free and sustainable farmer.  This system creates a sustainable community by encouraging the farmer and the customer to develop a mutually supportive relationship. In this relationship, the farmer is guaranteed a market for their produce and the customer shares the risks of crop failure, insuring the farmer.  The customer is guaranteed a variety of fresh, local, chemical-free produce weekly, a tangible connection to the land, and more dollars in the local economy.
                                           The Land and its Legacy
   We are committed to chemical-free agriculture. But further, we believe that a farmer grows the soil, and the soil grows the crop. The best soil has a high organic content, and is a living environment.

Our farm had 3 generations of families farming on it without chemicals. The legacy, as in the Native American legend of the 7th Generation, is to pass on to the next generations of farmer, a high quality soil and land, so that even the 7th  generation can continue to grow a healthy crop.
The best use of good farm land is farming. Farm land is being developed at about 1000 acres a day. Adams County farms are feeling the pressures of development.
                                       Better Soils, Healthy Produce
   There have been many studies that have shown that a healthy organic, chemical-free soil, grows a healthier plant. In addition, the plant, when eaten (especially fresh), has more nutritional value for the consumer. A healthy diet is an essential element for a healthy body. In this country, diet related diseases cause the highest death rate.

                                                Our Pledge

      To deliver in-season fresh fruit and vegetables for 23 weeks for the Summer CSA, from the last week of May to the end of October. For the Winter CSA from Nov. 1 until the end of January.
      To grow the fruit and vegetables using chemical-free, Certified Naturally Grown practices.
      To offer a tangible connection to the land and to how your food is grown.

                                    CSA Member Commitment
      To pick up the share each week at the designated time and location.
      To arrange for a friend to pick it up if you are not able, or to call Thom and Judy (677-4131) if no one will be picking it up.
      To pay the fee as arranged.
17′ x 48′ Cold Frame in North Field
                                    BROAD VALLEY ORCHARD
   Broad Valley Orchard is a 3 acre farm located in Wenksville, Pennsylvania, about 15 north of Gettysburg.  It is in the heart of the fruit growing region of Adams County.  On this land, plus 1 acre rented from the neighbor, Thom and Judy Marti grow chemical-free fruit and vegetables. All of the produce is grown on 1.25 of the 4 acres. They purchased the land in 1983 with the intention of building it into a small family farm business.

The Broad Valley Orchard CSA has been in operation for 8 years.  In that time we’ve been able to supply our customers with fresh fruit and vegetables through drought and deluge.
At Broad Valley Orchard, we have over 125 fruit trees, over 1200 feet of various berries, ½ acre or so of vegetable gardens, and cold frame greenhouses – we call them salad houses - for extended season growing. We have doubled our capacity to supply greens through the late fall and into winter by building our second 17′ x 48′ salad house.  So you’ll be able to get the Summer CSA share from mid-May through October, and the Winter CSA share from November 1 until the end of January, weather permitting.
Anyone with questions or interested in visiting the farm, please call 717-677-4131 to arrange it.
                  THE FARMERS
    Thom and Judy Marti, along with their son Tobin, purchased this small farm in 1983.  Thom and Judy conduct college classes and internships with Dickinson College (Carlisle), Gettysburg College, and Wilson College (Chambersburg).  At least 300 students and visitors have taken part in the educational classes and internships at Broad Valley.


Arugula                                    Corn                                        MelonsAsparagus                                Cucumber                                Onions, 4 types
Beans, pole                                                   Parsley, Flat
Beans, bush                              Eggplant                                   Parsnip
Beets                                        Endive                                      Peas
Broccoli                                   Garlic                                       Pepper, 4 types
Cabbage, Savoy                       Horseradish root                       Potatoes, 4 types
Cabbage, Early Jersey              Kale, Red Russian                    Radish, Daikon
Cabbage, Chinese                    Curly                               Radish, Salad 4 types
Cantaloupe                               Kale,                          Rhubarb
Carrots                                                                            Spinach
Chard, Swiss                            Lettuces, 7 types                      Chinese greens                         greens                         Squash, Winter Collard greens                          Mustards                                  Tomatoes, 3 types
                                                                                                Herbs: Basil, Dill,                                                                                                                                 


A.  Raspberry – red, black and gold
B. Blackberry
C. Blueberries
D. Currants

Apples:  (In order of ripening)                          Pears
                                                                                                                                           Redfree                                    `                       Moonglow
            Gala                                                                 Magness
            Honey Crisp                                                     Potomac
            Cortland                                                           Bosc
                                                          Asian Pears
            Russeted Golden                                              Shinseiki
            (Yataka)                                           Hosui
            Jonagold                                                           Shinko
            Winesap                                                           Olympic
                        Gold Rush


            The main CSA begins in end of May and goes for 23 weeks until the end of October. Share prices will be available upon request at the beginning of each season.

2013 CSA SEASON PRICE - $335
Single share size 1 CSA share per week, based on receiving $14.00 per week of produce from last week of May to the end of October, 2013.

            There is a 13 week extended season CSA that goes from November 1 until nearly the end of January. If we have a good supply, there will be an extreme CSA season from February 1 until we run out. Families that are already in the main CSA get first chance at any of the extended season shares, and at being in any future year CSA.

            Anyone interested in becoming a member is invited to contact us for further information. 677-4131.