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Community Supported Agriculture, for the farmer, is a way for a small family farm to sell directly to a large number of individuals and families
      without going through a middle man,
      without having the cost of expensive packaging of produce,
      without the time and energy drain of extensive deliveries,
      while guaranteeing a sustainable income for the farmer.
In other words, it is a way of keeping the small family farmer in business.

Community Supported Agriculture, for the member/customer,
      is a way to get fresh – 10 to 14 days fresher than the grocery stores –  and local chemical-free fruit and vegetables every week during the growing season.
      is a way to know where and how their food is grown and who grows.
       a way to personally connect and participate in one of the oldest cultures (agriculture). a way to support financially, and with your own two hands, a local business.
In other words, you can make a difference.

                                                Builds Community
   CSA’s have become, almost exclusively, the marketing system for the chemical-free and sustainable farmer.  This system creates a sustainable community by encouraging the farmer and the customer to develop a mutually supportive relationship. In this relationship, the farmer is guaranteed a market for their produce and the customer shares the risks of crop failure, insuring the farmer.  The customer is guaranteed a variety of fresh, local, chemical-free produce weekly, a tangible connection to the land, and more dollars in the local economy.

                                           The Land and its Legacy
   We are committed to chemical-free agriculture. But further, we believe that a farmer grows the soil, and the soil grows the crop. The best soil has a high organic content, and is a living environment.

Our farm had 3 generations of families farming on it without chemicals. The legacy, as in the Native American legend of the 7th Generation, is to pass on to the next generations of farmer, a high quality soil and land, so that even the 7th  generation can continue to grow a healthy crop.

The best use of good farm land is farming. Farm land is being developed at about 1000 acres a day. Adams County farms are feeling the pressures of development.

                                       Better Soils, Healthy Produce
   There have been many studies that have shown that a healthy organic, chemical-free soil, grows a healthier plant. In addition, the plant, when eaten (especially fresh), has more nutritional value for the consumer. A healthy diet is an essential element for a healthy body. In this country, diet related diseases cause the highest death rate.