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Broad Valley Orchard – We’re ‘Gettin Older’ – Time to Be Movin’ On

Hello All,

Yep, I guess I am getting older!  I met another older friend in nearby Gettysburg, Pa., near where I’ve farmed for 35 (or so) years.  That old friend and I were talking and I told him that even though I’m only 68, I am feeling all the farming and carpentry that I’ve done for fifty years.  He said “Yep, that much farming will make you feel like you are 78″.   I concur!

So our dear small organic dream farm is going up for sale.  Judy and I had dreamed about turning our farm dream into reality our first decade together.  We  worked many jobs to save the money to buy it cash, and then decades to make it work.   Well, we have lived our dream, and feel that it was worth the experience.  We never got rich, but we got by, without bosses getting in our way.  But, I guess, even good things need to come to an end.

As for our future, I’d sure like to find a community of folks who think and live like we do, but who are younger, and who would appreciate our experience.  So if you are reading this at your ‘elder’, but still going community, write to us, or give us a call.  We’d like to meet you.                                       Thom Dunn Marti and Judy H. Marti

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