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Life after and Broad Valley Orchard

Hello to whomever chances across this writing,

We don’t really keep up this web site, but it has become a veritable search engine for my quest to re-discover my Dunn and Cumashot families, who were taken away from my life, when my mother’s 3rd husband (the widower Herb Marti) married twice widowed Dorothy McClelland (her mother Jewel Adams and McClelland Johnson might not have been legally wed).  Whatever, he never stayed around to take care of his wife and child.  I wonder if I ever met him, my phantom grandfather).  No loss, Big Joe Adams was a great substitute.

Yes, after 8 years of discovering my lost families from (Thank You), I realized that I was no longer finding any new information.  Since many of my ancestors were Ukranian, and probably illiterate, they did not leave a lot of records.  But writing these essays about my quest helped me find a half dozen cousins who were also searching to learn our lost families.  They just Googled in a lost relative’s name and vital statistics, and they found themselves connected to this web site and they could read my scribblings about our mutual relatives.  And soon this may lead me to meeting some of these long lost cousins.

I hope now to reach out to  a younger someone out there has a dream of operating a small organic farm.  We are in our mid-late 60’s, and have lived our dream for 34 years (plus working for many years to buy it cash).   We have to now admit, that it is getting harder each year. to operate this small organic fruit farm.  We are in our late 60’s.  BVO is looking for you, younger farm dreamers, to continue our dream for us as we settle into “retirement”.  We’ll give you a good deal!

Thom Dunn Marti, and Judy Ann Horan Marti

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