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Changes in the Air

Hello All,

We have several big changes in the works!  First, we have changed email addresses.  My wife Judy understands these things much more than me.  My email address is below.

As for my share of these changes (under “Rusted Dreams Busted Lives”); I have been doing research about my ‘lost’ families; Dunns, Cumashots, Adams, Johnsons, and many others mostly in SW Pennsylvania.  I mostly lost them when my father, Art Dunn, died young in 1954.  My mother having lost  her World War 2 first husband  ( Earl Wakefield, 1944, in the Battle of Hurtgen Woods).  Dorothy Johnson/Cumashot then married Art in 1949. They had me and a younger brother Art Jr. who died soon after birth since my mother was in shock of her first two husbands dying young.  She too soon married the widower Herb Marti (an Ambridge High School graduate like the other two husbands) – they all knew each other growing up on Beaver Rd.

I have researched all these families, and learned much about their lives in Pennsylvania, but have found few links to where they were from in England, Ireland, and Italy; and when they immigrated here.  I even did a DNA test, but learned nothing new, however I confirmed a lot of my ‘guesses’.  So I am going to set aside my genealogy!  This web site seems to still be on line, so if you find your way here, feel free to contact me at –

thom dunn marti

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