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Tough Summer = Scant Genealogy Studies, But Some Nice Fruit

Hello All,

Yes, it has been a wild and strange summer!  We have experienced  Global Warming caused heat waves, with cool periods in between them.  To top it off, we had a ‘tornadic event’.  It happened at night, and it there was a funnel cloud, no one saw it.

It seemed to come up out of The Narrows, and then along the Wenksville Road, and down Possum Valley towards Bendersville.  It did tear up a lot of huge tree tops in the Wenksville area, and it caused structural and roof damage as it veered diwnhill.

Luckily our 3 hoop houses,  log house, goat barn, and various sheds, suffered no real damage.  In fact, we were gifted some of our neighbor’s tree tops that blew on to our property.  It will make very good firewood.

All in all, our vegetable crops look good, and our tree fruit looks better than it has for years.  We had quite a good berry season, and our CSA is receiving lots of fruit and vegetables.                                   Thom Dunn Marti


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