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Lotsa weeds, and troublesome goats

Hello Out There!

I haven’t been writing much lately = it has been one heckuva growing season.  The last couple months were much hotter than usual here at “Frostbite Flats”.  We got rain, but only in sporadic deluges, between hot and humid dry spells.  Somehow we had a pretty good black raspberry harvest, quite a nice blueberry crop, and our thornless blackberry crop pleased our CSA, plus several folks who bought the berries by the flat.  Perhaps people are canning, drying, and freezing again.

We even had a nice trio of goatlings born in late winter. The barn-breaking Billy we bought, paid for all the food he eats.  Lulah, our younger Doe had triplet doelings Wilma, Olive Oyl, and Sweet Pea.  Their sire is now under ‘lockdown’ with our ‘monster elder doe’, Dahlia, while we wait for the local butcher to pick him up for his final ride,  Maybe he and Lulah have conspired to present us with  new bucklings and doelings this winter.

I know that this might upset the Vegans out there, but we do take very good care of our herd, but they are not pets!  Our friends who have tried to treat their goats as pets, have lived (luckily) to regret it.  Goats can be very ‘capricious’, and they have sharp horns which that they know how to use.  Once a deer got its head stuck in our pasture fence, and our goats killed it.  Enough said…………                                         Thom

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