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Interesting Contact with Carlisle, Pa. Army Barracks’ Army Museum

Hello All,

Yes, it has been way too long since I wrote.  Even though I’ve technically retired several years ago, this dang farm keeps me too busy!  Judy and I have been taking weekend Day trips to historic sites within a hundred miles.  Even though Carlisle is only fourteen miles away, we had never been to that museum.

I was impressed by the displays, but notice there was no mention of the Army Air Corps Mobile Weather Detachments ( one of which my father was XO of.  So, I talked with an archivist, and he had not heard of them.  I offered to show him the research I’ve been working on for 10 years- mostly of the 21st Weather Squadron, of the 9th USAAF.  The Rosetta Stone about the personnel was a photo of Art in front of a transport aircraft;  on the back was the names of the rest of the crew.

I have been able to learn more about nearly half of the personnel in Weather Detachment YI.  This fit in with the notes I took from the ” History of the 9th Army Air Force”.  I will write more about this unit and its men, as I learn more.  Delving into history is fun!                                                                                                 Thom Dunn marti*

* – I have de-emphaphised the “Marti” part of my own name and story!

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