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DNA Anyone?

Hello All,

Well, I have taken the DNA test.  The results?  I’m not let down by them.  They do show my Central European Links to Switzerland, Austria, Germany, as well as my Polish/Austrian links.  They also had my Dunn/Davis side from any or all of the British Isles.

But the one that really confirmed part of my tree was the grouping of Quakers from Chester County who left there.   These Wooodward, Jefferis, Darlington, Taylor, and Ghrist family members headed over to Redstone Township, Fayette County, Pa. in the early 19th century, and soon prospered in farming and in business.

I have always wondered if this trek took them thru Menallen Township, Adams County, Pa.  We still have the Menallen Quaker Meeting House.  Several of the Chester Quakers who trekked to Fayette County, where there also was another Menallen Quaker Meeting.  This one is now abandoned, but the graveyard is still there.

I know that Minollen was a Quaker settlement in Ireland, and the spelling of that name might have changed in time and distance.  If anyone has any thoughts on this; feel free to send them to me.  Oh, by the way, we got a new server, and will change our contact info as needed.                                                      Thom Dunn Marti



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