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A Tough Winter, and a Tough Spring

Hello All,

Well, I haven’t been posting often, but I have some good excuses.  First, it has been some really screwy farming weather!  But we have managed to keep delivering our CSA shares through it all.

I have really felt this winter, but my frost bitten hands are healing.  It was tough on this 68 year old brain, too.  I did do a lot of physical exercise (walking and biking) but I tackled a real Brainteaser.   I spent several hours per day researching my compound-complex family history.  I took all my old Family Group Sheets, and re-researched them.

I then scribbled  thirty-seven new FGSs about the workers hired by Old Economy Village, in what is now Ambridge, and Economy Borough in Beaver County Pa.  I grew up there, and have been gone for fifty years.  You can read my essays about my families on the other category of my scribbling  “Rusted Dreams – Busted Lives”.  I concentrated on not only families that I have blood ties to, but also social ties.  Mostly I concentrated on the hired workers of 1860-1900, and what they did when OEV closed in the first part of  the 1900’s, but also where they moved on to.

My own early life was spent (or misspent) growing up within a few miles of Old Economy, in Economy Township.  I had a paper route along Ridge Road Extension, and walked 3 miles each day delivering the Ambridge Daily Citizen and Beaver County Times, for less than 20 customers.  Little did I know, until a few years ago, that many of my customers were the children of Old Economy Village.  All I knew was that they spoke German in their homes; and in these years after WW2  Germans were not held in high regard.  Still, I found them all to be wonderful people, and they made great cookies and cakes.

It was only in these last few years, of doing historical and genealogical research, that I’ve realized that most of these folks were descended from German and Swiss farmers.  Old Economy hired them because they were good workers.

So now that I’m in my late 60’s, and not working as much on the farm, I enjoy my joint research for Old Economy,  and for Sewickley Valley Historical Society.  Oh, well, I always like crossword puzzles, and this genealogical and historical research is like one big puzzle.  And soon I might get a few surprises; I finally signed up for one of those DNA test to help with a few blanks in my knowledge: 1) were the Dunns Scots or Irish,and 2) where in Eastern Europe did my Chomisak aka Cumashot come from.                                                                                Thom Dunn Marti


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