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A Bit of Confusion About my Ukranian Ancestors the Cumashots

Hello All,

I have written before about the confusing story of my Mother Dorothy’s parents who came from either Gallacia or the Ukraine.  I had always thought my great-grandmother Mary Vasicko (?) had married Wasyl Cumashot and they immigrated from the Old Country to 1) Plymouth, Luzerne County, where the first 6 of their children were born; John, Julia (my grandmother whose baptismal record exists in the Catholic Church there), Steve, George, Mary, and Nick.  The family left Plymouth and ‘followed the coal to West Virginia where Anna and Eva were born.  The family continued West to the coal fields of SW Pennsylvania where youngest child Rosella was born.

The Cumashots then moved to Ambridge, Beaver County, Pa., where they found cleaner work in the steel mills in and around Ambridge.  They all married except Steve who died in a motorcycle accident.  I met all these grand uncles and grand aunts.  My grandmother Julia/Jewel had met McClelland Johnson and they had my mother Dorothy Marie Johnson.  This marriage did not succeed, and my mother was raised by Jewel and her siblings.

These two paragraphs recapitulate what I had had been told about Wasyl (who died in 1924) and Mary, who I got to meet in 1954 as she was dying.  She spoke no English.  But a week ago I chanced across a marriage license issued in Ambridge in 1915, that stated that Wasyl had been married to his first wife Mary (1) who had died in the Ukraine.   He immigrated to the US by 1893.  I am not sure if his second wife Mary and they had their eldest son John in the Ukraine (also listed as Austria and Gallacia), or had immigrated, settled in Plymouth for from 1896-1902.

There is also a listing of Wasyl as having been married in the Ukraine, but she had died there.  I realize this is a very complicated family history.  I have met very few other family genealogists.  If any of you read this ‘alternative history’  which does differ on the story that was never told to me.  Although my mother and father were also from Ambridge, my father Art Dunn died when I was 4, and when my mother re-married to the widower Herb Marti, he would not let me learn much about my real family.  If any of you reading this recognize some to the immigrant folk, you can contact me through this website.   I look forward to hearing from you.                                               Thom Dunn Marti


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