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Killing Frost and Snow


Well, we had our killing frost on Nov 8th, dropping to 24F (-5C). The most telling sign I noticed that morning was that all our heartnuts, English walnuts, and pecans dropped their leave in green and golden showers. Oh, we don’t really grow those trees for income, but we sure do raise some fat squirrels!

This morning I awoke to mixed rain and snow, and when I had to drive over Piney and South Mountains to shop for some clothes, the snow was starting to stick to cold surfaces up on Big Flat. Luckily we just harvested our last serendipitous outside arugula and Romaine from the graden. There was one thick seeded patch of volunteer Romaine, looking so good from its fall clover cover crop, that I put some supports and some floating row cover over it, to see if I could keep it going to harvest it for Thanksgiving CSA shares. Judy also dug up a lot of transplants to put in the cold frames where we had a patch bare due to seed failure. I also dug up another bushel of turnips and Diakon radish, to put in our root cellar. We harvested our Gold Rush, and Pink Lady apples = the orchard is bare, but the cooler is full.

So now we get to work on splitting and stowing last winter’s cut firewood. We have had a couple small fires in the wood stove, and our passive solar ‘greenspace’ has been heating up nicely, too. But for now, I have to go out and work….

Thank You

Thom Marti

PS: We observed the new comet last night, as visible as a bright star, passing thru Perseus after sunset. I don’t know its name yet, but its incandescent globe is quite lovely to look at with binoculars. I truly enjoy these visits by our icy neighbors in the Oort Cloud; with all the bad news on our planet now, these visits helps put in all in perspective…

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