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Confluence of Water, and of the Workers of Old Economy Village


I have not written for a while.  I think this was caused by 1) my having to deal with the awful weather our farm has seen for nearly the last 3 months, and 2) by me being deluged with all the material I have been finding out about about Old Economy Village  {OEV} and its hired workers (of whom my families were well represented).

The problem was that I was getting confused by all the data, which included a lot of  first names being repeated in each family’s generations.  After wading through all of these names and getting a handle on ‘who was who’, I started to see that many of these OEV worker families’  next generations were marrying the offspring of other families they had worked with at OEV.  I felt that my state of confusion (disorder) was evolving  into a state of congruence (being in agreement). 

Later that day I was telling my son about my evolving thought process, he had an even better = confluence ( a flowing together).  I found myself thinking of the flowing together of streams, and my research was sited on the confluence of the Ohio River north from Pittsburgh to Leetsdale and Ambridge where Sewickley Creek flows south into the Ohio River, and then Legionville Creek flows into the Ohio River. a three miles North (downstream).  Another ten miles North of Legionville (near the site of modern Byersdale) the Ohio River flows westward in Beaver (where the Beaver River joins  it) and the waters then flow westward eventually joining the Mississippi in St. Louis, Missouri.

Most of the OEV workers that I was studying  were located in  towns sited along these creeks and the river.   A lot of them also relocated to Ridge Road Extension (where I grew up).  I delivered the Ambridge Daily Citizen Newspaper to some of their descendants.  I also found many OEV workers settled in the small (now abandoned) town of Wallrose, seven miles above Sewickley Creek’s joining the Ohio.  My Gross and Bauman family ancestors  were part of this lively farming community.  I used to bicycle down to Wallrose to fish in the creek.

And just as the waters flowed together, so did the OEV workers after they left their dwindling community.  Some married into other old German and Swiss immigrant families, and others married into the new families moving into Ambridge, the company town of the new American Bridge Company steel mill.

Thom {Flueckiger /Gross/Hoenig/Bauman/Schmatz/Jenny/Stoffel/Wallace/Pearce= all the families of workers and  their in-laws who had worked for Old Economy Village} Dunn  marti

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