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Henry and Louisa Hoenig Gross’ Family in Wallrose, Economy, Pa.

Hello All,

Lately I have learned a lot more about Henry Gross and his wife Louisa Hoenig, who immigrated from Germany and ended up in the village of Wallrose in Economy Township, Beaver Co., Pa.  Their oldest daughter Margaret married William Bauman, a wandering apprentice harness maker.  Margaret and William’s eldest son Oscar married my grand-aunt Millie Fleuckiger from Old Economy Village, and soon their part of the family all sun-birded to DeLand, Fla.

Henry Gross and Louisa Hoenig had seven children while living in Wallrose.  Their eldest son, William Albert Gross married Amelia Brown, and they had eight children: 1) William Albert, 2) Margaret,3)Henry Jr., 4)Albert, 5)Charles John, 6)Edward (Edwin?) G., and 7) Amelia who tragically married Louis Frey.  Over the next winter months I’ll be writing more about these Hoenigs, Baumans, and Grosses and their lives in Allegheny, Butler, and Beaver Counties, Pa.

I am enjoying this my winter research and writing project!  I was raised in Economy Township (now a Borough).  Not only did I have a paper route on Ridge Road (of which I have written delivered to several former hired workers for Old Economy Village), but my friends and I used to ride our clunker bicycles over the ridge and down to Sewickley Creek Valley, so I know the lay of the land.  I also went to schools with the grandchildren of these pioneers that I’ll be writing about.  I’m looking forward to learning more about a place where I lived, but have never really known.

PS:     I think it obvious that I’m not an experienced and devoted genealogist. I admit that I’m a ‘dabbler’.  But I think I am a fairly good historical investigator, and since people’s lives enter into history, I study them.  Here is an example of the kind of ‘connections’  I am working with in my research concerning the lives of the hired workers of Old Economy Village in Ambridge, Pa.}

       As I was searching the 1940 US Census, and the Pa. Death Certificate  for Jess. J Gross ( b.18Apr1889 – d.18 Aug 1957), I had previously found that Jess had been the ‘informant’  for his eldest brother William A. Gross’ death certificate.  Jess was listed as having lived in Ambridge, Pa., so  I looked up Jess in the 1940US Census.  I was a bit baffled to learn that his occupation was listed as “Filer, Great House Project”

       I knew the Great House is the main building of Old Economy.  My first thought as what a “filer” did was wrong.  Being a retired carpenter and metal worker, I guessed that he was using a file to finish some of the carpentry in the Great House as the State of Pennsylvania restored the historical site.  When I mentioned this to my collaborators, they agreed, and then the Director of Old Economy informed me that in 1938-1940 (WPA funded?) the scattered historic files of OEV were being restored and refiled.  Collaboration, and finding gems in the dust of ages,  are real cool!

Connections like these ‘make my day’!                                  Thom Dunn Marti

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