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Well, Maybe this Project Needs a Super-Computer….

Hello Again,

I wish I could report that I’ve narrowed down my searches, and have lots of new ‘old community’ connections nailed down, but I seem to have misplaced my hammer.  I knew when I was growing up in Economy Township ( Boro) that there were sure a lot of Germanic folks to whom I delivered The Daily Citizen to them during 1960-1963.  many of them still spoke German at home among their families.  Then when my Marti step-family bought “The Corner Store”, many of them stopped for their milk, bread, and lunch meat.     If I could remember all the stories they told about immigrating from Germany and Switzerland, and finding work, and raising their families, this study would be a cinch.

Here are some of the families that I have found linked with other Swiss and German families, and that were probably related to members of the Old Timers Club.    Many of them had worked for Old Economy because 1)  they spoke the same language, and 2) the Swiss and Germans were know as being hard workers.

I have found that Edward Emil Zehnder (b. 1898 in Ambridge /Old Economy?) married Sophia Marie Amsler b. 1901 in “Economy”.  Does this mean she was born in Old Economy or in Economy Township?

I have also found Sophia and Edward Emil Zehnder’s  son Edward Emil stated on his WW1 Draft form, that he worked for his grandfather Alphonse Zehnder.  So you see my problem = too much data!  And I am a bit of a retro, so I do very little of my research on line.  I basically use it to check the connections I find via other media.

I also found that these Amslers lived in, were buried in, and had many local connections to Wall Rose, a small village (that no longer really exists) along Sewickley Creek.  It chapel, St. Matthews, and its cemetery, are still there.  I have walked its grounds while studying my Bauman and Gross families; some of whom are buried there.  And most of the folks mentioned in this paragraph also had connections to Old Economy.

Well, it is early winter, and I’m a semi-retired farmer, so I’ll keep plugging away at it!         Thom Dunn marti

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