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Winter Research Progress Update #1


A few weeks ago I decided that my winter research project would be learning all I could about the hired workers at Old Economy Village, in Ambridge, Pa. and  then write some essays on my progress.  Maybe some descendants of these workers will find their ancestors’ history on this site.  On my last post I wrote that I had identified the descendants of a few of the hundred or so members of The Old Timers Club.   To join these folks’ families all had to live in Old Economy or the modern towns that grew up around it by 1913 (or 1916), on the former lands of Economy.

At last count here is the listing of Old Timer surnames that I have been able to find some trace of:

Beaver County, Pa.

Ambridge Boro and Harmony Township: Kroll, Jesson, Mutschler, Straube, Todd, Van Horn, Woods, Rosenberger, Hacker, Cain (Stoffel), Sohn (also later in Sewickley), Franz, Steebner (1), Lieberman, Beard, Boss, Brown, Dailey, Droz, Jesson, Kroll, Mallick, Reininger, Riley-Stoffel, Rosenberger, Ross, Nichols, Woods, Knoedler, Bauder, Dr. Sohn;

Baden: Hannigan, Bergman, Lieberman, Hettinger;

Economy Township: Herrman, Hacker, Sevin, Herr, Zehnder, Mutschler, Steebner (2), Merriman, Heberling, Knoedler, Wagner, Reithmiller;

Beaver Area: Shoaf, Loeffler, Neirdorfer, Thumm, Merriman (?)

Lawrence County, Pa: Loeffler, Bouck, Allford, Rice (?);

Allegheny County, Pa.

Fair Oaks (Leet Twp.): Kuermerme, Mohn, Steebner (3), Franz, Dailey;

Leetsdale: Amsler, Mohn;     Glenshaw: Mattern;  Carrick: O’ Neill.

Some of these families were workers for Old Economy who remained after US Steel bought the lands for their new American Bridge Company.  The Pa. Historical Commission retained the core of Old Economy as a historical site.  The Old Economy Post Office closed, and the new Ambridge Post Office opened.  Many of  OEV’s hired workers stayed around to find work in the local oil and steel boom, and were still living in Ambridge when I went to high school there in mid- 1960’s.  I am familiar with the descendants of many of the surnames I have listed above.  In future essays (and as soon as I learn more about these families), I’ll write more this winter.

Thom Dunn Marti



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