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Bit by Bit I lLearn more about the Swiss Jenny, Fleuckiger, and Schmatz Families

Hello All,

I last wrote about how these three families, related by blood and by marriage, came to America.  Most likely they were drawn to the Three Rivers area of Allegheny County, Pa.  Not only was this area a center of early industry, but in its early days it was actually two thriving industrial municipalities; Pittsburgh and Allegheny City.  Allegheny City had an added attraction to its predominately German speaking populace (in  the 1870’s more of these folks still spoke their native German, rather than English).

The inhabitants of  the Harmony Society in German speaking Old Economy Village, 20 miles down the Ohio River, were glad to recruit these folks to work for them,  because they all believed in the same Germanic work ethic.  Many of these hired hands saved the money earned at Old Economy to start their own families when they moved back to Pittsburgh and its outlying communities like Carrick and Wilkensburg.  And these families stayed close!

I have learned  two more connections about one branch of the Jennys.  Rose Jenny O’Neill and her husband Harry had a daughter Winifred who married Frank F. Myers, a Pittsburgh traffic officer.  I also learned that Rose died in 1896, possibly in New Castle.  I’ll be checking up on her obituary to see if I can learn some more about them.

And soon, I’ll be taking a sabbatical from my research and writing.   These 8 years of rediscovering my birth family and their in-laws, have been very rewarding, but I need a long vacation to places I haven’t been at for these 33 years we have farmed.  And I think I’d like to see a few places I’ve never been to.  Newfoundland and Cuba interest me!

Thom Dunn marti*

I have ‘downsized’ the surname ordered upon me when I was adopted in 1955 – I am a Dunn!

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