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The Jenny Family from Switzerland to Pennsylvania

Hello All,

It has been too long since I’ve written; I’ve been frittering away my life farming.  But a fortuitous ladder mishap (it only took 15 stitches to my thumb) gave me a week off.  I’m under doctor’s orders  that since I’m 66, I need to take it easier.  So I picked up the files on the Jenny family  (in-laws of my Swiss Fleuckiger-Dunn family) who also worked for Old Economy Village in W. Pa.  The Jennys  kept in touch with their Dunn and Bauman in-laws well into the 20th Century.  I have decided to share what I know about the Jennys.

Until six years ago, when  serendipity reconnected me in 2008 with my 91 year old Aunt Betty Dunn (my dad’s younger sister), I had knowledge of my family tree ( I got adopted by the Marti family when I was 5, but that unpleasantness is another story).  Not only did Betty have a marvelous memory, she also had a wonderful family photo album, which she shared with me.  It was through these clues that I learned about my grand aunt rose Jenny.

The Jennys immigrated from Switzerland to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, which had a large Swiss population in Old Allegheny City (now the Northside of modern Pittsburgh).  My Flueckiger/ Schmatz family also ended up there, before being hired as farmers by Old Economy in the late 1870s.  The Jenny brothers Rudolf and Jacob also worked for Old Economy,  I have no idea if my Flueckiger kin had known the Jennys in Switzerlands, or if they knew them in Old Allegheny City.

But Gottlieb Flueckiger, and his wife Rosina Schmatz , plus her sister Anna (and her possible brother Andrew who moved to Cleveland, Ohio) were all included in the 1880 Census of Harmony {another name for Old Economy}.    Gottlieb and Rosa stayed there until he died in 1903, and Rosa lived with her daughters after that in Ambridge, and Leetsdale, Pa.

Rudolf Jenny (aka Jennings) met Anna Schmatz and they married and moved to Pittsburgh (possibly Carrick), and they had children Rose, Jacob, William, Rudolph, and Freddy.  Their elder daughter Rose  became good friends with her cousins Millie Bauman, and Bertha Dunn; this friendship lasted throughout their lives.

Rudolph’s younger brother Jacob married Louisa Kropp (born in Germany), and they to moved to Old Allegheny City, too.  They had 4 children Jacob Jr., Katie, Louisa, and Allen.  I have not yet found much of their life stories, but I have found several Pa. Death Certificates, obituaries,  and other records that indicate the  many of the Jenny’s settled in Carrick, Pa., and stayed close until the early to mid 20th Century.  My greatest surprise in this research is that I think I have finally traced my grandmother Bertha’s cousin and friend Rose Jenney.

Rose married Henry O’Neill and they had Winifred.  I guess that some of my Jenny in-laws are still in the Three Rivers area.  I’d like to know more about your family.  Perhaps some day I’ll visit their family plot at Birminghan (aka Zimmerman’s Cemetery)                                                                                                                        Thom Dunn Marti




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