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What a Winter! What an Early Spring!


I last wrote about these pesky Polar Vortex ‘White Northers” we had from late October until early April.  And then it started raining, and stayed cool.  I’m sure that if you live in North East USA, you have similar tales of woe to tell.  Honestly, if we did not have our  root cellar and our three hoop houses, we would not be starting up our CSA next week.  As it was, we managed to do occasional fresh greens and root deliveries through much of the winter and early spring.  It took sore backs and even some rather severe frostbite, but we kept the veggie line moving!

Now, though we need to rest a bit.  We are in our 60’s, and are starting to think about retiring one of these days.  Interested in a 3 acre farm, with good water, that has been organically farmed for 32 years?

Thom Dunn Marti

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