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Lots of New Flueckiger Family, In-laws, and Fellow OEV Workers


As I wrote in my last few short scribblings, I truly have not had much time to write my proposed weekly essays during this “Hunger Games Winter” we have endured.  My frost-bitten thumbs have  healed enough to join my other 8 fingers in typing again.  It is amazing how tough it is to do many tasks without functioning thumbs…

But I have been keeping up with my research.  I have spent the last couple months researching the workers of Old Economy Village, during the 1875-1901 time frame when my Flueckigers were resident workers.  I have learned a lot, much of which came from Jean, my collaborator, and from Sarah, the archivist and director of OEV.  I think we have started a project that may finally give recognition to the hundreds of hired helpers who kept the community going, as the community slowly died off as they aged, without a next generation to follow them.

I will be writing a lot that I have just learned about Rosina Schmatz’ sister Anna, and her marriage to Rudy Jenny (who with his brother Jacob) were also workers at OEV.  I also found  Alex Schmatz,  listed as a laborer in the 1880 US Census.  I believe that he might have been Rosina’s and Anne’s younger brother.  Alex seems to have moved to Cleveland where he married Mina Thone, and raised a family.  He worked as a “tinner”, outlived his wife, and died in Michigan.

I have also learned more about my in-laws the Baumans, and Pearces, who also worked for the community.  I have also grown more confident that John Duss’ wife Susanna Creese was of the Sewickley Creeses;  my Aunt Lil Dunn married into the Creese family when she married Don Creese.  Several members of my lost Dunn family,  plus their in-laws Creese, Hineman, and  Bauman families, moved to Volusia County, Florida.  John Duss’ winter home was only 20 miles away, and children of all these families attended Stetson College at the same time.  I know from my own wanderings, that expatriates tend to keep in touch.

As well as writing about my own family members who worked at Old Economy, I will also be sharing my own personal (and business) dealings with some of the children and grandchildren of the workers of Old Economy.  Their  ancestors surely worked with my great-grandfather Gottlieb Flueckiger.   Them old Germans and Swiss stuck together.

Thom Dunn Marti

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