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Whew, 6 Months Since I Wrote, Anything!

Hello All,

I am amazed that it has been this long since I have wrote.  I wonder if I remember how.  I have rarely even written in my old paper journal, either.  Life has been too busy for these last 5 months.  We got an UDSA grant to build Hoop House #3, and I spent much of May until the end of June excavating it and building it with hand tools (the site is 600′ from the nearest electrical outlet).  Then I spent the rest of the summer, and the first days of autumn, fixing, cleaning, prepping, and painting nine interior rooms of our old log house and its framed additions.  Wow, where did we accumulate all that junk!

We had a big “Tool Room Clean-up Yard Sale”, and sold a lot of stuff we haven’t used for decades, and we gave away what didn’t sell.  Now, our home is not only clean and painted, but it is also roomier.  I have kept up my my farm work, but luckily we have some great interns who have helped Judy keep it running.  all in all, it has been a good growing season.  The Asian Pears were bountiful, the apples less so, but we had our best blueberry harvest ever, and the bramble berries were nice, too.

Thom Marti – I’ll try to write more often

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