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Summary of the Dunn Winter Writings


I was going to write this summary later in the week, but Winter just won’t let go up here in the mountains of South Central Pa.   So, I’ll do it today while the wind howls and the snow blows.  I have to wait until the compost piles thaws  so I can fertilize the orchard and berry patch.

I am sure that William Dunn (1), and his 3 wives had more grandchildren and great-grandchildren than I found, either through my own research, or from borrowing leads from several family trees on I did confirm many these leads, and hopefully have given credit to those researchers.  I also did an intensive search of  Death Certificates, and Military Records at the Pa. Archives.

William (1) and his first wife Mary McCloskey had 5 children, plus Michael who died in infancy.  The other four – Joseph, James,Susanna,  and Lucretia, had a total of 29 children, and these 29 had  87 children.

William (1) and his second wife Magdalena Fogle/Senneger had  5 children, William, John, Thomas, Andrew, plus Theodore who died in infancy).  John, Thomas, and Andrew had 16 children, who had at least 20 grandchildren.  I also add to that figure Christie, the daughter that William (2) Dunn adopted.  I also add the two children of Magda’a two(?) previous marriages.   Magda Senneger had Roman Senneger before she immigrated to the US in 1846, and she had Robert Fogel Dunn after marrying Marcus Fogel in Altoona.  Robert did not have offspring, and Roman had 6 children, of whom I only know that Robert P.Dunn (akaFogle} had 3 children.  I chose to include these foster and adopted children, because I was also adopted, and we count!  So my total for Magda and William (1) was 20 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren.

William(1) and his third wife Louisa Allwine had 6 daughters.  I have only found three that I can confirm married.  Bertha married twice but had no children.  Martha Wills and Mary Clabaugh had a total of 10 children, and 16 grandchildren.

William(1) and his three wives had at least 61 grandchildren and at least 119 great-grandchildren.  I am sure these two figures are rather low, because I probably missed some who moved away from Pa. and left few traces.   Most of ones i found did live in Blair and Cambria Counties (with a few in Elyria, Ohio, plus my great-grandfather who moved to Allegheny County and then to Beaver Co., Pa., and Robert P. Fogel/Dunn who also moved to Allegheny County).

So, I hope these essays will help some of you Dunn family researchers out there.   I personally benefited from this research and review; I have been confused these 6  years, since I found out that William (1) Dunn was my gt-gt-grandfather, trying to figure out who was whom in this sprawling Irish/German family.  I think I now have some of the puzzle put together.  Maybe some of you who read this can use this information to unlock more doors, and will share them with me.  But for now I have to go back to being a farmer on this windswept mountain.

Thom Dunn Marti

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