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Thomas, Andrew, Martha, and Mary Dunn

Hello,  This will be the final narrative family history essays of my winter writing project.  Next week I’ll do a summation of what I learned (I am astounded by all the grandchildren Old William had, and many of them also had children).


As I wrote before, my paternal great-grandfather’s, and his descendant’s lives are all covered in my 30 January essay “The Dunn Saga – Part 3″.  Here I’ll just add some remembrances of my late aunt Betty Dunn:

Thomas ran away with a visiting circus in the early 1870’s, and became an acrobat and gymnast.  He settled down in Allegheny County, Pa. with his new Welsh born wife Sarah nee Davis by 1880.  Thomas and Sarah had William 1881-? who died in infancy; Arthur,1882-1903 who became a pro baseball pitcher and died from being hit by a ball; 1882; Allen 1883-1942 who became a YMCA gymnast, administrator, and college professor.  He married Clara Croker and they went to Europe in WW1 as YMCA volunteers.  In 1942 was the manager of an Ambridge bank.  Thomas H. Dunn and Sarah also had my paternal grandfather Thomas John Dunn 1881-1943.  Thomas Henry brought his family to Ambridge to help build the American Bridge plant.  He worked as a watchmen, and his son Thomas John became the export Shipper.  Thomas John married Bertha Flueckiger 1890-1968,  Ambridge’s assistant postmistress.  They had four children: Lillian 1913-1974 who married Don Creese and they had 3 children ; my father Art 1917-1954 who married Dorothy nee Johnson 1981-2002.  I was their only child to live; Betty 1923-2012 who married and had 3 children, and Thomas Jay 1930- 1975 who married twice and had 5 children.  I was adopted after my father died, and was prevented, when I was young, from learning who my family was.


Andrew 1858-1902 married Fannie O’Donnel 1861-?, in 1880 in her Altoona home.  They had two daughters, Gertrude 1883-?, and Laura aka Lulu 1887-?.   Lulu married Cameron Griffith 1881-?  They had five children: Agnes 1903-?, Gertrude 1905-?, Margaret 1906-?, Cameron V. 1910-?, and Thomas G. 1919-?.  I need to check Blair County records to find out more about them.


After Old William Dunn’s second wife Magdalena Senninger died, he married Louisa Allwine and they had six daughters.  I have found that three of these 6 sosters  married, but only Martha 1864-1907, and her next youngest sister Mary married and had children.

Martha married Abraham Wills (1853-1910) and they lived in Cambria County, Pa.  They had five children; William 1882-?, Mary E 1886-?, Sarah E. 1889-?,  Bertha M. 1891-?, and George H. 1896-? (note that their three daughters are named after 3 of Martha’s sisters.  I thank the Hufford Family Tree for this information.  Martha’s Pa. Death Certificate and obituary were also helpful.


Mary 1866-1942 Louise Dunn married Altoona PRR conductor David Clabaugh  1863-1919  in November 1883.  They had five children – three of whom died in infancy, and Mary Mae 1885-1943 married Frank Smith 1877-1947, and they had three children- Anna 1901-1902, David 1903-1983, and Robert 1919-1984: Rachael 1887-1889  and Agnes 1890-1892 die young: and George Raymond 1893-? married Katharine nee ?; they had three children – George R. Jr. 1921-1981.   Helen 1896-1946 married Joseph Marks and they had Mary Jane 1918-1987.  I thank Holly Lynn’s Family Tree for supplying much of this information.

Whew, thus ends this compilation of a lot my ancestors  that 6 years ago I never knew that I had.  I’ll get to work on figuring out how many of William’s 64 (at least) grandchildren had children, and how many of William’s  great-grandchildren there were.  Some of my writing might seem a tad confused = I admit this is the biggest puzzle I ever tried to help solve.                                                                               Thom Dunn Marti

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