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It is Official – Drought


You might remember that several weeks ago I declared that this sudden onslaught of drought was severely affecting regional agriculture, and I declared a drought watch.Well, the government has also just caught on to the fact, and officially declared a drought watch in 57 on Pa’s 67 counties. I recommend that you google “drought index”, and see for yourselves how serious this drought is nationwide. I fear that this is going to last for a long time, perhaps years!

I was speaking with one of our old time farmers, and he said that neither he nor his contemporaries have ever seen such a quick onset of drought. I urge everyone who has gardens and orchards to start mulching, and installing trickle irrigation. If you are growing your crops naturally, without synthetic fetilizers and herbicides, you should be in better shape. Do not mow the grass and weeds under your trees – they help to shelter your soil from the sun. The greatest danger is having your topsoil ‘sterilized’ by the intense sunshine.

I am beat and cooked from yesterday, when I harvested our Ginger Gold apples. Some of them we a bit small (however they are very sweet), but the number of insect- attacked and diseased apples was the lowest I have ever seen. That is one big advantage of trickle irrigating only the roots; in this very dry air the fungal spores of Apple Scab and other diseases just can not spread without wetting of the leaves.

For our local readers, we have added a “fruit availability” menu choice to our website. We will update this when we harvest each variety. If you would like to purchase some CNG apples, you can contact us thru this site. For those of you not in our area, we are sorry but we do not ship. I recommend you establish contact with your own local growers, and perhaps start planting your own orchard.

Thank You

Thom Marti

PS: We are now saving our dish and bath water to apply to our few M-9 dwarf trees, which are very drought succeptible. Also, keep your blueberry bushes watered = they can brown out in an eyeblink!

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