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William Dunn and his Third Wife, Louisa Alwein and Their First Three Daughters ,

After Magdalena (Sennenger/Fogel) Dunn died in about 1861, my guess is that old William hired young  Louisa Alwein/Hammond to be the nurse/housekeeper for his children of his first and second marriages who were still living at home.  By 1863 William married Louisa and they had 6 daughters.  This week I’ll write about their first three (of six) daughters, Martha Joanne, Mary Louise, and Sarah Ellen.

Martha Joanne Dunn/Wills (var. Wells)

Martha was born on 2 May 1864, and baptized  at St. Mary’s, Holli-daysburg, 0n 15 May, with Ignatius and Rachael Beitner as sponsors.  In the {1870 US} Martha is living with her parents, and two sisters, Mary Louisa and Sarah Ellen and several half-brothers and sisters, and the family had a resident nurse/housekeeper.

In the {1880 US – Antis Township} in a village called Sabbath Rest” Martha and her youngest sister Clara were being raised by their re-married grandmother and her step-grandfather Levi Hammond.  By 1881 Martha had married Abraham Wills of Clearfield,  Cambria Co., Pa.   Her half-brother’s ; Andrew and William, obituaries list her as one of their surviving siblings.   This information lead me to Martha’s 1907 obituary and death certificate.

Abraham Wills was the eldest of 13 children of Michael D. Wills (1833-1912) and his second wife Bridget McDermitt.  They lived in Adams Township, Cambria County, Pa.  The Wills family was also living there in the {1900 US} with their children William, Mary, Sarah, Bertha, and George.  Of note is that their three daughters are named after Martha’s younger sisters.

Martha died on 13  Sep 1907, as attested by Abraham.  Abraham died c. 1910, and they are buried in the South Forks Cemetery.  I have not been able to yet learn much about their surviving children.

Mary (aka Mollie)  Louise Dunn/ Clabaugh

Mary was born on 3 April 1866, and baptized on 8 April, at the family church, with Jacob Cully and Mary Magdalena Liebre as her sponsors.  On 6 Nov 1883 Mollie married railroad conductor David Clabaugh (b. 1863 – Altoona).   In {1900 US} they lived at 2006 5th Avenue with their children Mary, Charles, and Raymond.  In {1910 US} they are living with their children including son-in-law Frank Smith who married Mary(2), plus their son David Grant Smith (b.1903).

David died on 10 Sep 1919, and was buried at Rose Hill Cemetery.  By {1920US} Mary was living with her daughter Helen Marks, and her  son-in-law Joseph.  In {1930 and 1940 US} Mary is living with daughter Mary, and her second husband Frank C. Smith.  Mollie Clabaugh died on 28 June 1941 and is buried next to her late husband.

I found an old photo of Mary and David Clabaugh; this is the only photo I have seen of any of William Dunn’s children.

Sarah Ellen Dunn

Sarah was born on 28 Apr 1868, and baptized on 31 May 1868 at the family church with Peter and Margaret Dunn as sponsors.  Sarah is enumerated in the {1870US} with her family.  Her record becomes spotty after this. The 1893  and 1896 Polks Altoona Directories lists “Miss Sarah Dunn” as a ‘domestic’.  The {1900 US} lists her as as the same.  Her sisters Ida and Bertha are also listed as domestics.  1902-3 Polk’s lists Sarah as a cook at the Adeline Hotel.  I guess these 3 sisters followed this vocation which was common for orphaned young women of the time.  I have found no record of Sarah after 1903.  She might have married and changed her surname, or she could have moved away, or she could have died.

I hope that someone reading this essay will contact me with the answer to this puzzle.  Next week  I’ll write about William and Louisa Dunn’s  three younger daughters.

Thom Dunn Marti

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