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Blackberry “Zing”

Hello All,

Here is a recipe I whipped up yestre because the recent light rains brought out an extra 6 qts (6 L) of blackberries that we did not have orders for. I had been wanting to try out the organic wildflower honey I have been buying in bulk, for canning, and set out to make a blackberry syrup to be included in next week’s CSA share; I reduced the ingredients to 16% for you.

1. Run 1 quart blackberries ( 1 L) thru a ‘Squeezo’, or jelly bag, to remove the seeds.

2. Boil 2/3 cup ( 160 mL) water, and take off heat, turning heating element to “Low”

3. Stir 2/3 cup (160 mL) honey into the water and stir to dissolve.

4. Add the hot liquid to the berry juice, and stir thoroughly.

5. Over low heat, stir the mixture often, for 20 minutes – don’t let it get above a medium bubble. The object is to have a moderately thick syrup, not a jelly.

6. Let cool, then refrigerate. Makes 1 Qt (1 L).

So far we have tried “Zing” on granola, on yoghurt, and on ice cream; we like them all. Judy has put some in her peach ice tea, and I have mixed it into my hot black tea; again, we like the results. And for those of you who (like us) need a little bit of help getting thru the “Dog Days” of August; our most daring experiment yet was to put a big spoonfull of “Zing” into a cold glass of our dry & hard apple cider. That was good! I believe it would work just as well in a dry white wine. We will try that one out tonight.

Thom Marti

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