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Magdalena (Nee?) Senneger, William Dunn’s Second Wife


Today I won’t be revealing any great new discoveries.  In fact, today I’ll write about a mystery that we Dunn family collaborators have not solved in years of trying.  Most researchers agree that Magdalena Sennenger was William Sr.’s  second wife.  Records from St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Hollidaysburg confirm that they were married on 10 Jan 1850, only 7 months after William’s first wife Mary died soon after childbirth.  In this marriage, it is Magda who poses the most puzzles.

She first shows up in the 1846 ship Utica’s German immigrant passenger list, with three generations of Sennegers.  Her two year old son Roman is listed with her.  The Senneger clan moved to Altoona, Blair Co., Pa.  My Florida cousin Deb  has a Catholic record from 2 Nov 1846  showing that Magdalena Senneger (aka  Zenneger) married Mark Fogle at St. Mary’s Hollidaysburg.  Then on 14 April 1846 Robert Fogle is in these records as being born to Mark and Magdalena ‘Tenniger’.   {as a ‘brain teaser’ – Robert Fogle/Vogle Dunn’s brother Roman Dunn uses “Bird” as his alias}.  ‘Fogle/Vogle’ is German for ‘Bird‘.   But I’ll leave that sit for a week, and then get back to Roman’s and Robert’s lifelong association.

This week  I’ll also briefly introduce the five natural sons of Magda and William, all born in Hollidaysburg, who were raised with Roman and Robert in this mixed family household.

Wm.and Magda’s eldest  son was William Dunn Jr.  born in 1851; John Sylvester Dunn was born in 1853; he  was followed by Thomas Henry Dunn (my paternal great-grandfather) in 1855;  Andrew was then born in 1858.; young Theodore Frances was the last born in 1861.  He died soon after birth, as did his mother Magdalena Dunn.  I’ll start writing about these Dunn brothers in two weeks; I have found a fair bit of new information about them.

I certainly hope that someone who reads next week’s essay about Roman and Robert Senneger/Fogel/Dunn, and helps our Dunn Collaboration figure out how they two fit into this complex family.  These two mystery Dunn boys stayed in touch with each other for their lifetimes, and with their step and half brothers, too.  I’ll  write more about Roman and Robert next week.

Thom Dunn Marti

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