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Thom’s Update of Mary Chomasak’s Wild Ukrainian Summerberry Smoosh

THOM’S WILD UKRAINIAN SUMMERBERRY-RHUBARB SMOOSH (with apologies to Mary Chomasak, my very thrifty great-grandmother, who taught me how to make ‘smoosh’).

This sauce can be boiled longer to make a nice jam. To preserve by canning either the sauce or the jam, follow the hot pack method in any jam preserves recipe. You can also scale back the ingredients, and just cook the rhubarb and berries you get at CSA this week, into a sauce, and then refrigerate it. It is great mixed into yoghurt or ice cream, or onto bread or granola. A spoonful in a cup of tea is nice, too.
To preserve the sauce:

12 c. berries, cleaned and crushed

3 c. organic honey
4 c. rhubarb cut into 1/2” pieces
2 Tbs lemon juice

Cook fruit on medium heat, and ‘smoosh’ , lower heat, and stir in honey, then bring to a moderate boil. Stir often so that it doesn’t burn or boil over the top. Cook until the mixture is to desired consistency. Note that for a jam, the mixture should ‘sheet’ from the spoon when it is thick enough. Add lemon juice just before removing from heat. Hot Pack. Makes about 12 pints of sauce, or about 8 pints of jam.

Thank You

Thom and Judy

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