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Early Morning – Berry Picking for Market !


I nearly forgot to post a Farm Journal entry this week = I have been very busy. Our berry harvest is peaking, and I have been picking from sun-up until noon, and then again after the heat of the day until sun-down. In between, I try to keep up with the maintainance that our 1870’s small farm needs, and trickle irrigating the crops to supplement the rather spotty rain we have been having ( but I’m not complaining – our green mountain valley is getting much more rain than the surrounding brown lowlands). I also admit to taking a “heat-of-day siesta”.
Long ago, when I was a navigator in the Coast Guard, I learned about the value of naps, and I hereby authorize “Nap Time” for all of you over-worked and over-stressed Americans.

It is now 5 AM, and when I finish this entry, and my second cup of coffee, I will head out to pick black raspberries to take to the Old Pomfret Farmers Market, in Carlisle. Although we are basically a CSA farm now, we put in 10 years at that market, I was Market Manager for two years, and really enjoyed the volunteer position. Now we just go occasionally, when we have a berry surplus, to make sure our Carlisle customers get some of our berries. We also ended our Carlisle CSA drop-off, giving our customer list to two new CSAs that have started up there.

Yes, after 10 years of saving to buy this place, and 25 years of working to build it up, I must admit (at age 58), that I am enjoying slowly down sizing this business. As our backs get older, and stoop labor hurts more, we are really glad to have the orchard and berry patch, which we work while standing erect. I really recommend that all of you put in some fruit crops – they pay well, and taste great.

I am also starting to freeze some surplus berries, so I can start making wines in September; but now I look out the window, and see the dawn, and head out to pick,pick,pick…..

Thank You

Thom Marti

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