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More about my Lost Dunn Family of Hollidaysburg, Pa.

Hello Genealogy Fans,

I have been so overwhelmed by farm work and home exterior remodeling and repair that I have not had time to post on this site.  BTW, several Dunn descendants have indeed found this site by Googling in a family member’s name, and they are magically transported to our farm web site to find my musings about my family history, a family I was taken out of by my dad’s death in 1954, and my adoption by a step-father who did not want me to know who my people were.  Well, I never listened to him when I was a kid, and as a fifty-eight year old man, I decided to find my Dunn Family, plus their many related families.

Several years ago I wrote some essays about my early discoveries.  I have kept working at it, and have found out a lot more.  So, my winter writing project will be to update those essays of long-dead Dunns with my new findings.  My goal will be to write an essay per week all winter long.

Since much of the information I have found is from on-line message boards and family trees, I will give credit to these folks.  Distant cousins Deb from Florida, Duane from State College, Pa., and many others have contributed to this project – I thank them all.

For the first part of my project, I will be re-visiting the long life of my gtgtgf William Dunn, and of his three wives (he outlived them all) and 17 children, and his two step children.  An asterisk means that I have found very little information on these ancestors; I will welcome any contributions to their life stories that readers send my way.

I will list them here, and then begin the weekly essays with;

1) William’s first wife was Mary nee McCloskey;  they had 6 children:

*Margaret Dunn 1837-? No record after 1840

Joseph Milton Dunn 1839-1906 Altoona, Blair Co.

James Dunn 1844-1932  Martinsburg, Blair Co.

Susanna Margery (nee  Dunn) Saly 1845-1915 Johnstown Cambria Co.

Lucretia Wilson (nee Dunn)Irvin  1846-1895 Altoona, Blair Co.

*Michael Sylvester Dunn 1850-1850 His mother Mary died then, too. Hollidaysburg, Blair Co.

2)Magdalena (nee?) Senninger /Fogel (1819 Bavaria-1861) m. William in 1851, Hollidaysburg, Pa.

Roman Senninger Dunn (aka Bird = Fogel in German, perhaps his first step-father)  1844 (Bavaria)-1920

Robert Henry? Fogel Dunn (possibly son of Magdalena and Marcus Fogle)  1847-1940(?)  Probably moved to California.

William P. Dunn 1852-1905 Altoona, Blair Co.

John Sylvester Dunn 1853 – 1927 Duncansville, Blair Co.

Thomas Henry Dunn 1855-1943 (my gt-gf)

Andrew 1858-1902 Hollidaysburg, Blair Co.

*Theodore Francis 1861-1861  Magdalena died also. Hollidaysburg, Blair Co.

Louisa Eliza Hammond Alwine  (1846-after 1873, before 1880) of Antis, Blair Co.,   m. old William  abt 1862, and they had 6 daughters;

Martha Joanne n. Dunn Wills (1864-1907) South Fork, Cambria Co.

Mary Louise (aka Mollie) n. Dunn Clabaugh (1864-1941) Altoona, Blair Co.

*Sarah Ellen Dunn (1866 – no record after 1902) Altoona,

Elizabeth Bertha n. Dunn Alberts/Bryan (1870-1948) Altoona,

*Ida Flora Dunn (1873- no record after 1902) Altoona

Clara Frances Dunn (1874-1906) Hollidaysburg, Blair Co.

So, if you are Googling any of these long-dead Dunns, you might  be electronically transported to this site.  If so, enjoy!  If you would like to contact me, our phone number is on the main page.

thom dunn marti

PS:  The e-mail address on our main page is rather dead, so I’ll make a leap of faith that if you call you are honest researchers/ relatives and I’ll give out my e-dress to you.

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