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Hurricane Sandy was Quite a Blow!

Hello All,

Well the last week’s wild weather is finally clearing up and drying off.  I have been near a couple Atlantic hurricanes before, but they were rapidly dying.  Sandy was so big that even when the eye was a few hundred miles away, we got a low of wind, and 7.5 inches of rain.  The dying eye of the storm spent a few hours over us, and pushed dwarf apple trees every which way; but I don’t think we lost any, we just need to reset them a bit.

At the peak of  the winds, Jago, our farm dog, wanted out of the house, so I rain-suited up and we went for a mile walk into 45 knot winds with horizontal heavy rain.  To say the least, it was bracing!  The rain was still quite warm from its southerly approach.  We got back in twenty minutes, and were both completely soaked.  This blow was quite different from the Gulf of Alaska ‘hurricanes’ I experienced from the bridge of a Coast Guard Cutter.

Surprisingly we had very little flooding from Sandy, at least up here on our hill.  From what I hear in the news, the Nor-Easter that Sandy spawned caused much more death and destruction than did Sandy.  Cold weather is returning, though, and only the hardy crops remain outside.  We are slowly filling the root cellar, and the fruit cellar, and are drying and canning fruit in a hurry.  We have finished up the main season CSA, and now we’ll deliver shares to fifteen families for another nine weeks – and then we shall rest!

Thom Dunn Marti

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