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Wow, October Already!

Hello all, and especially future farmers,

I guess I haven’t written for three months. It has been a busy time!  Not only do we have a good harvest of apples, pears,   and Asian pears coming in, but it has also been time to repair and repaint the buildings here, and fix some fences, and move a section of fence to enclose a steep slope I’m tired of mowing; the goats will enjoy it!

Our former Gettysburg College intern (now graduated)  Sarah came out to work for a week, and proved herself to be a safe and able high ladder and roof worker.  I’m glad when I’m able to pass on some of the lessons I learned as a young carpenter and painter who once worked high construction.  Those days are over!  At 63, I find working a 28′ ladder, and an occasional roof is my limit.  But this 150 year old chestnut log house is looking real nice on the outside.  Next summer we’ll do the interior.

But, we got the outside done!  Judy and I are starting our new ‘transition out of farming plan’.   We admit, we are running out of the youthful energy that we  used to work (mostly with hand tools) our 3 acre micro-farm.  I guess I’m announcing that we are seeking younger farmers to take over Broad Valley Orchard in the next 2 to 4 years.  We are working on replanting our old semi-dwarf orchard with new disease resistant fruit trees, so they’ll be producing for the new farmers.  We are also keeping up the gardens, rotating them onto former garden  that have rested under pasture for several years, and putting our current gardens under long-term cover crop to have it ready for full production.

So, if you are young farmers looking for the right place, at the right price, contact us at ,and we’ll be glad to meet you, and set up a transition plan.  We got a real deal when we bought this place, so we’ll pass on some of that savings to the new buyer.  I’d hate to see this place go to some rich fool who wanted it to build a McMansion so he could look at our spectacular view and mow his 3 acre lawn.

Thom Marti

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