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July at Last!


I have a feeling that in 30 days I’ll be writing “August at Last!”

Is the weather getting increasingly strange, or I merely suffering from “Post-Meteorologic Stress Syndrome”?  Rather than rant and rave for too long, just let me say that this weather isn’t like it used to be 28 years ago when we bought BVO and started growing fruit organically.

Well, here we have been on the upside of the weather = fairly dry but with just enough rain to grow fruit, but not enough to rot it.  But if you go East or West of us, folks have basically been blasted back to the Stone Age by horrendous thunderstorms.

Part of this upside is perhaps the best blueberry crop we’ve ever had.  I’m sure glad we put bird mesh ‘tents’ over the patches.  The apple crop is even looking pretty good; today I picked some “Pristine” summer dessert apples for CSA.  I’m certainly glad we have downsized our vegetable planting = it seems like a good year for weeds, too.

Well, not much to say.  I’ve been up picking since 5am, and I need a nap.                                                 Thom Dunn Marti

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