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Wow, Time Travel Rocks

Hello, if any one is interested in arcane knowledge….

It has been a month and a half since I posted = mostly mea culpa due to farm overwork, as well as having “Been Given” a great story to tell.  Not only the Flueckigers and Schmalzes, from Switzerland, who became  hired farmers at Old Economy Village, but also my Bauman in-laws of them, as well as the Grosses  and Hoenigs of Wallrose, Economy, Pa.,  who  are all tied together in the forthcoming story.  As far as my oblivious relationship to all these families  who are are “up Sewickley Creek”, I barely was told about them by my foster family (same as my ancestors at OEV).

As soon as I get more of this figured out, I’ll post.  I better use some of my semi-retirement to figure out all these connections that are falling in my lap.  Honest my dear readers, I’m more of a scribbler than I am a hard core genealogical researcher.                                                                                  Thom Dunn Marti

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