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Rosetta Stones and Lucky Stones

Hello All,

Well, I just had some real success in breaking a cardinal rule of genealogists.  Since I basically lost (thru being adopted after my father died in 1954) my birth families since my step-father would not let me contact them;  I knew nothing of my Dunn and Davis family kin, until five years ago.

A distant cousin/collaborator I had found on line sent me a two page excerpt from John Woolfe Jordan’s 1912 Genealogical and Personal History of Beaver Co.,Pa.  I had been warned by ‘real genealogists’ that such family biographies were suspect, at best.  But I decided to check every fact in the article.  I found a surprising degree of agreement with the documentation I found.  This became the base for my research.

Then while on, I did a search of Pa. newpapers, and when I entered my great-grandfather’s (Thomas Dunn) name, I came up with this November 1917 social notice “Yesterday Mrs. Thomas Dunn, of Ambridge, and Mrs. John C. Morgan, of Pittsburgh, visited Mrs. Harriet Fishlock, who has been ailing”.

I have often been stymied in my research by “Dunn” and “Davis” being so common of surnames.  But “Fishlock” was a distinctive, rather rare name.  We are working on the “Morgans” but there are sure a slew of them in Wales, and Pittsburgh.

I won’t go into all the details of the family connections this lead, but let me report that I have been working with fairly close cousins in Wales, Pennsylvania, California, and Florida, all of who have been working to connect all of our lost families.  Let me report that I have now met the great-grandson of Dave Davis, younger brother of my gt-grandmother Sarah Davi(e)s Dunn, the very same “Mrs Thomas Dunn”, the visitor mentioned in the above news article.

We have also tied into the Fishlocks from Wales (and are working on the Morgan connection”.  Soon I’ll be over to Western Pa. for a research trip, and I know that there are still members of that family over there.  Time to visit the libraries in Sharon (Mercer Co.), New Castle (Lawrence Co.), and Aliquippa,Beaver Co. – right across the Ohio river from Ambridge, where I grew up.

One fascinating result of this collaboration, is that we are all digging out old family photos and circulating them to each other.  These images really do ‘put a different face’ on the research.  I am sixty-two years old, and had never seen my families’ photos until my re-discovered Aunt Betty shared them with me.  I have a lot to thank her for.

Tied in the with the Flueckigers from Old Economy Village, this should be an interesting odyssey into my past.

Thom Dunn (Marti)

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