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A New Record!

Hello all,

Nope, this record is nothing to brag about!  Our previous annual rain fall total (including snow melt) was 70.7″ in 1996, the year that Mt. Pinotuvo in the Phillipines loaded the atmosphere with volcanic dust.  Well, we have broken that record = over 74″ so far this year.  It is a record I’m not bragging about, in fact, I’m in recovery from trying to repair the damage from it.

Our Hugel Kulture has limited the erosion and resulting silting we were suffering.  But all that digging has really hurt my back, which suffered a fair bit of abuse when I was a young steel worker, sailor, and carpenter. Added to the toil of Hugeling, is all the work that went into repairing our house, and now barn, foundations.  I have decided it is time to take it easier, and hereby announce my semi-retirement from farming.  Whew, my back already feels better.

Now I will have time to write my latest long overdue book!  Of course we will keep Broad Valley Orchard going, but will be down-sizing it a bit more each year.  And in 3 to 5 years, I hope one of you, my readers, will have saved wisely, and there will be a fully repaired, and rested mini-farm, awaiting your stewardship.  If this offer interests you, get in touch.


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