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Too Damn Hot!


I hope you not suffering from this hot and humid and dry blast furnace weather.  This onrushing drought is tough to fight (I’m ten years older than when I last had to do battle with dry soil, high temperature, drying winds, and a relentless nuclear bomb in the sky releasing soil killing radiation).

But since our tactics worked back then, I pulled out the soaker hoses, the drip irrigation tape, the buckwheat cover crop seeds, and a couple truck loads of compost to cover the bare and vulnerable topsoil with.

Fortunately (although it did not seem so at the time) the spring monsoons did raise the surface, and the deep water tables.  We are able to irrigate before sunrise, during late afternoon, and after sunset.  As far as watering, or any work for that matter, during the heat of the day = “Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon day sun!”  Was that Kipling?  I’m not sure, the higher centers of my brain have melted away.

Oh, since we live without air conditioning, I decided to make a prototype “swamp cooler”  We usually have a west breeze, so I put up some hooks in out two west facing lower window jambs.  I tied a cord to the hooks, and used clothes pins to stretch a length of cheese cloth, which hangs down  into a pan of water, wicking it upwards.

In our two opposite east facing window, I put out two table top fans, blowing out thru the open window.  Sure enough, it does cool off the incoming air by several degrees F.  I’ve read some Wikipedia plans for building a heavy duty swamp cooler, put this heat wave is a transient event (I Hope!), so I’ll just wait for it to cool down.  Jago, our farm dog gets a hose shower in the shade each afternoon, and I walk him early in the morning, and later in the night.  Being a black dog in this weather must be very uncomfortable.                                                               thom

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