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Broad Valley Orchard Cancels CSA-Xtreme

Hello Winter Weary Comrades’

Our CSA delivered its last share of the winter, last Tuesday.  This made 97 continuous weekly deliveries to St. James Church in Gettysburg, for the town folks, with the rural folk picking up here.  But we have to admit, this @#$%  two months sure reminded us what real winter was!

The best we can tell this winter is the most brutal we have faced since the mid-1980s.  We have seen a lot more snow other winters, and we have seen colder temperatures, but we also usually expect a mid-January thaw to warn things up, and early February can get quite balmy around here.  Luckily, I did get out in a early January winter pause, and brought in another cord of oak firewood, to help us get thru this winter.  I am far behind on my annual orchard pruning, but will dutifully be out there on snow shoes today, after the trees thaw a bit.

And then tomorrow a two day rain/snow/sleet event will bedevil us – on what would have been our next CSA delivery day.  So, I guess we made a good cancellation.  We also had gone through most of our winter stores from the fruit cellar, and the root cellar, so the cupboard was bare.

Maybe if we are lucky, this weather will ease, and the hoop houses will start heating up again, and the spring greens will start growing.  Perhaps we can start “Pre-CSA” in early April.  Well, the sun has risen, time for me to go out and figure ut what to do about the ice dams forming on the eaves of the house.


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