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No News is Good News?


I have been spending the last few weeks getting my Family Group Sheets in order.  This grueling, but necessary ‘genealogical housekeeping chore’ is vital in keeping track of everything I have learned.  I admit that I have learned so much about my ‘lost families’ in the last 3 1/2 years, that there is no way my aging brain, or my piles of hand-scrawled notes and computer print-outs of  US Census records. etc.(mostly copied on the back sides of paper that is being re-used rather than recycling it), that I can’t keep track of it, no matter how organized I keep my files.

I am also at the point of wondering what to do with this all.  I realize that there is really no market for the historical family essays I could put together; that is why I give them away for free on this site.  I am not begrudging this lack of sales for several reasons:

1) I never intended to make a nickel at this – the research has been rather a pleasant diversion from all the physical labor my farming requires,

2) I have gained a great deal of personal satisfaction by learning who my families were.  Being an ‘orphan’ had always left me regretting that I did not know who most of my people were – I have now found some of them,

3) My scribblings on this site have attracted several close  relatives who have contacted me, after a chasm of  56 years, since I was taken away from the Dunns.  I have also met several people related to me through the Johnson, Cumashot, and Flueckiger/Flickinger who are also pursuing genealogical research, and

4) This search has put me in contact with serious genealogical and historical researchers all over the United States, and I have been able to brush up on my long forgotten research and investigative skills.  It feels good when one of my finds is a piece to the puzzles these professional researchers are working on.

So, all in all, I can’t complain!  I have finally started writing again, and will soon start posting some new essays on this site.

Thank You – Thom Dunn Marti

PS:  Next I’m tackling updating all my various time lines!

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