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Snow Flurries – a Taste of our Near Future


After a fairly gracious “Indian Summer”, we are now sliding into winter.  I for one, won’t complain about this Autumn.  We did have some heavy rains, but we had all the gardens mulched, and the drainage swales and ditches controlled it with no erosion.  We were harvesting our last outside ‘hardy greens’ until a few days ago.  Now our weekly CSA deliveries will come from the hoop house, and from our fruit cellar, and root cellar.

I was re-reading my journal from last year at this time, and saw that I had noted the number of weeks we had been delivering our 2009 CSA.  We were able to keep up our deliveries all through last winter, and by figuring out the number of sharings this year, I counted up that we have now made weekly deliveries for 85 weeks in a row, with another 7 to go = 92 weeks!  I think that is pretty good for non-heated (except for solar) hoop houses, and for naturally cooled fruit and root cellars.

I think I’m going to try to catch up with my historical writing this winter, so perhaps we will put our CSA on ‘pause’ for February,March, and early April.  Of course we’ll still have some winter greens growing, so if some of our loyal ‘local-vores’ want to come up to the farm, to pick them up, we’ll have them.  We need some time off!                                                        thom marti

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