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Earth Day 1970 and 2007

Hello All,

Well, I nailed that weather forecast I posted last week. We spent 5 days caught on the back wash of the Nor’easter spinning up the coast. We got 3.5″ (9cm) of rain, and gale force cold winds. I am amazed that we had no erosion, and that our first planting did not rot in the ground. I am doing farm clean-up and repair work while I wait for the ground to dry and warm.

That weather was so different from the first Earth day which I attended when I was a Junior Env. Sci. major at WSU, in Pullman, Wa. The day was very sunny, and we were all young and optimistic. We were sure we would write our Environmental Impact statements, and get all of the Mothership Earth’s problems solved in a few years. Sorry!!

Yes, we now have major problems with global climate change and pollution caused by the unsustainable world economy. And, sigh, I admit, I cannot solve these problems in my remaining years. But I can report that I have had the privilege of knowing a lot of dedicated young people who are willing to work for a better world, taking over for me.

Last Saturday, at the Carlisle Step It Up event, Judy sang environmental songs, and I spoke on Local Foods – Local Economy. We shared a display table with the Cumberland County Green Party. Dickinson College’s President, Bill Dirden, announced that his college was moving toward full sustainablity (they started a student garden 8 years ago, and are now starting a College Farm) and the college has signed a ‘carbon zero’ pledge. There was a lot of energy there when college students arrived by foot and bicycle bearing signs that shouted “We Want a Better World“.

This coming Saturday, Judy and I will be harvesting some early salad greens and onions, from our cold frames, to take to the Dickinson College Earth Fest’s Spring Farmers Market and Local Foods Dinner. This is the fourth year for this event, and every year is bigger and better. At the same time, Audrey Hess, one of our CSA members, will be setting up another of our Local Food displays at the Fairfield Mennoite Church’s Earth Day Celebration, and our friends Lynn Smallwood ( Adams County Green‘s activist), and Carolyn George (free-lance sustainability guru) will help answer questions that people have.

Then on Sunday we put on our scruffy clothes and sturdy boots, and drive to Gettysburg, to join the Sixth Annual Green Party Clean-Up; we have been clearing litter from streams, fields, and woods. Hmmm, so folks are out their still working for the goal of a better earth. Well, I feel better, now…..

Thank You

Thom Marti, and friends

PS: As soon as I figure out how to post links on these jounal entries, I will. Until then I will put names of included groups in italics and you can google them.

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