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Lots of Research, but No Time to Write!


Well, in these last three years of family history research, I have learned so much that I am sitting here, bemused, wondering where to start in writing it all up into essays and eventually into a book.  On top of the research, this has been a tough weather year to have to operate a farm, run a CSA, and do all the repairs to our buildings that needed done.

But for now, I am caught up.  I have also let my subscription run out.  For as helpful and useful as that search engine is,  I find that it too easily becomes a distraction, and one can waste a lot of time wandering down cyber roads that really don’t lead anywhere, but are still interesting to meander along.

So for now, I’ll continue compiling all the time lines and family group sheets, and re-checking my documentation.  Last year at this time I had begun to read the 1800 page Unit History of my father’s Weather Detachment “YI” of the 21st Weather Mobile Weather Squadron, of the Ninth Air Force, US Army Air Corps.  I did manage to write up a several page narrative of his service, and was starting to write up the stories of other family veterans. Then that got put on the back burner as I dealt with the ‘data deluge of family history’ that rained on me.

I think that veterans history is where I will pick up my writing.  This small book will not be extremely long, and is a manageable project.  I do not see it as a real hot seller, nor money maker, but that has never been the purpose of my writing.  I admit that I write because I really enjoy the creative process.  Even though I am not very  cyber-savvy, I really do enjoy being able to share my writings, on this website, with whoever wants to read them, and not charge them for the experience.

I’ ll also start to organize the amazing amount of material I have found about the families of these veterans.  I’m starting to think about down-sizing this farm business so I have time to work on my writing.

Oh, I’ll share something with my readers.  My father’s military medals all got ‘misplaced’, somewhere in my mother’s, my son’s, and my own not very careful stewardship of them.  But one day I Googled up “The Soldier’s Medal” which my dad had been awarded for lifesaving in France in 1944.  Below this Wiki-Pedia entry was a note from the US Veterans Affairs Department, notifying next of kin, that VA will replace for free, a veteran’s medals.  I filled out the on-line request, and submitted it.  They came back with a form for me to sign and send in, stating my relationship, and providing my signature.

I did not hear anything for a couple months, but then got a call from a staffer at VA.  He asked me a few questions to establish my bona fides, and then informed me that he would put them in the mail.  I really look forward to seeing them and sharing them with my family.  We do have one of Art’s old dress uniform jackets, that I”ll display them on.  I thank the VA, again;  they were also very helpful a decade ago by providing my mother with expanded war widow benefits when she really needed the help.  But that is another story, and one that is about another veteran – PFC Earl Wakefield ,US Army – KIA  14 Oct 1944.

Thom Dunn marti

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