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Ain’t Global Warming Fun!


Sorry I haven’t written lately. but I have been trying to keep this farm going in perhaps the worst summer heat I have ever seen in my 60-plus years.  Luckily, up in our mountain valley, we have been getting just enough rain, but down on the flat lands, it is looking real brown.  We had soaker hoses out for the late-June, early July dry spell, but we rolled them up for mowing – perhaps we’ll roll them out again.

We can’t gripe, though, about the berry picking and potato digging.  We have seen picking berries since early June, and quality and sales have been good.  And I am impressed with our early potato digging = the early Norlands gave us a 10X ‘payback’.  One casualty of this heat is the Ginger Gold apples.  we used to get nice crops, but this year the heat, sunburn, and, ants, birds, and Japanese Beetles stripped them.  Oh, well, they will make perfectly good fire wood!  We will be replanting new, and old, resistant varieties, that mature later in the season.

The one ‘fly in the ointment’ is the bogus land re-assessment that our county was sued into, and they sub-contracted to the worst corporation that I have ever seen.  We have a ‘hoop house’ which is a non-permanent agricultural structure.  The kit cost us $1300 to put up, and the damn fools assessed it at $10,300.  We, we got some good ( ie. free) legal advice, and appealed, and got the assessment down to just over what we paid for it.

I really feel that  hoop houses should be judged a ‘farm equipment’, same as a roto-tiller, and not be assess-able.  I realize that to do this we need action at the Pa. Govt. level, and they are currently dysfunctional.

So, all I can say, is we need to for the “Hoop House Liberation Front”, and teach these dang bureaucrats that we can grow their food, fresh and local, to give them food security, but only if the give us full Right to Farm, and not look upon us a cash cows.  Like our first book is titled, we ain’t ‘getting rich’, but we are “Gettin’ By‘.  So, for all of you who small farm, and for all of you who eat food from small local farms, be aware and alert to you local taxing authorities.  I’m sure they would like your opinions.

thom marti

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