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The Past Repeats Itself

Hello History Fans,

I have temporarily hung up my genealogical research and writing!  After 3 years of intensive discovery (including finding living relatives with whom I shared my first 4 years), I now need to step back and get re-invigorated.  Also, I realize that this type of research- time travel to the past (especially to Europe) – gets expensive.  I admit, our farm income is not very much, so I occasionally have to take a temporary ‘real job’, to boost my research fund.  I have jokingly written up a business card that states:

“Thom Marti – Genealogist Extraordinaire – will work for spare change!”

I took the US Census test in the winter, and did quite well with it.  I am currently a Group Quarter Enumerator, and am starting to appreciate the massive job that this decennial count entails.  Other than that, I can’t say too much, all the details are classified for the next 72 years.

But I can reveal that I took my copies of the 1910, and 1920 Census, for the “Old Soldier’s Home” in Dayton, Ohio, into my census training class, and the other students were charmed by these old documents.  My (half) great-grand uncle, Roman Dunn spent his last years there, after his marriage, career, and health collapsed due to his 4 years on the front lines of the Civil War.  Roman died soon after the 1920 count, and is buried in the National Cemetery there.  It was good that our government, and civilian relief agencies, founded these homes to take care of our veterans.  I hope the veteran’s from our latest spate of wars will receive similar care.

Some day, when work slows down, I want to drive over to Dayton.  I hear that part of the old facility is now a museum, and I would like to visit Roman’s grave.  Maybe then I can re-start writing his story….

thom marti

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