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Wow, where did March go?

Hello Farm Fans,

I just realized that I haven’t written an entry in this farm journal for a long while.  This has been a very tough winter!  But now, the firewood is drying in piles, the goat herd has multiplied, and their barn awaits a college work crew to help me muck it out, and the gardens slowly dry out awaiting tilling the rye cover crop under, or ‘deep digging’ the raised beds that were just covered in top mulch.

The hoop houses surpassed all expectations = our 2009-2010 CSA season is stretching out to perhaps 52 weeks!  Folks are amazed at the high-quality greens we are delivering.  This often cool and cloudy weather helps = too much sun just causes them to bolt.

We have also had a tree-planting party with our friends from the Heathcote  Community in Maryland.  They, like so many of us, are disturbed by the recent ‘economic difficulties’ that our nation faces (and in my opinion will face for a long time).  We now have “Hoover-towns” (or are they now “Bush-towns”) of homeless in our rural county.

Many of our friends and fellow co-conspirators of the “Local Food” persuasion think that the best thing to do is start planting edible gardens in every backyard, in every park and campus.  Since I feel that our government (at the behest of the Mega-Food corporations who donate Mega-$$s to the politicians) has been part of the problem, I really can’t see leadership coming down from the top, even if our current leader just may have his heart in the right place.

After the morning mucking party, we’ll get cleaned up and take a couple of our interns to Dickinson College for their Annual Spring Market and Local Foods Dinner.  This is a great event, and demonstrates this college’s commitment to Sustainability, and Local Foods.  Maybe it is time for we ‘gray haired’ folk to sit back, and let these motivated young folks fix up this nation.  I’m afraid the easy life we ‘boomers’ have had has softened us to hard work and hard decisions.


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