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Family Re-Connection Storm

Hello all,
Well, I guess that my posting these ‘sign posts’ has paid off in spades. I got a call from a second cousin, Greg, in Florida, who found my posting re. his parents. This lead to my e-meeting my Cousin Ron, from Connecticut, and then my Aunt Betty and Cousin Chery from Florida.
The flood gates are opening. Our wonderful once tightly-knit family is recovering from 56 years of separation that occurred after my father’s death, in 1954. The Flueckiger, and Dunn ( and related families) are re-connecting, with all of us digging into our basements for old photos, documents, and mementos. Our old memories are coming back, I personally find the process is fascinating….
So, I will be “off the air” for awhile. I will need some time to work this all out. Permit me to share one story with you all before I sign off to try to get my winter farm work done so I can make a long overdue road trip, into my past…..
For two years I have been trying without success to track down my great-grandfather Thomas Henry Dunn’s recorded status as having been a “professional athlete. Aunt Betty told me that he ran away to the circus when he was 14, and became a professional gymnast and acrobat. I don’t think I can top that story. I’ll be back when I absorb this all….
tj dunn – marti

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