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A Breakthrough in Florida

Hello All
Two days ago I got a phone call from Florida. I guess people do really read my e-scribblings on this site. Greg, who is the grandson of my late father Art Dunn’s eldest sister (who I barely remember) called to re-connect. Wow!
I was flabbergasted that the Dunn’s youngest sister (who I did not remember and had just re-learned of in my genealogy research) and her husband are still alive and well in Florida, too. Greg sent me a recent photo of them. I was able to match this shot to a photo of them taken in 1953, in our house or (theirs) when I was 3.
I have written in the past how various Flueckigers, Creeses, Baumans. and Dunns had moved to Northern Florida between the 1920’s and 1950’s, but I had no idea that any of them were still there.
So we are now re-connecting, first by post and by electrons, but perhaps soon we will meet. I must admit that having family (after more than five decades without), is a rather unusual feeling…..
I have also finished my research on my father’s experiences in World War Two, and am now writing his story. Today I need to get started on pruning the orchard (it has finally risen above freezing for about the first time in six weeks), so I will write more on that, later.
Suffice it to say, though, that I was able to confirm my late mother’s claim that my “father had been a real war hero”. That will also give me something to think about as I trudge through the melting snow – but I’ll have the sun and a warming wind on my face!
Yep, I think I see why they all flew off to Florida!
thom dunn-marti

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