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The Glacier Recedes

Hello Winter Garden Fans,
I am sorry I haven’t written for a while but this past six week cold snap has distracted me. But today the sun shines and the air temperature is pushing above the freezing point of water.
It has been tough keeping the house warm, and very hard keeping our precious hardy winter greens going in the hoop houses. But we have prevailed, and with the help of a well-stocked root cellar, and fruit cellar, we will complete our 13 week CSA-Xtended.
Now that the Mid-January thaw is upon us, the small shivering plants that we put in the ground in early November, are starting to grow again. Perhaps we will be able to do 4 CSAX-Treme weekly sharings in February?? In a desperate need to see something green growing, I filled 4 shallow flats with top soil, and planted some lettuce seeds in our solar green space, that occupies the front = South wall of our log house. At night we put space blankets over the six 4’x6′ “Macro Lux'” poly-carbonate windows. After a sunny day , our 330 gallons of water/heat mass can gain 12 degrees F., and slowly release that heat thru the night.
Right now it is 72F out there, and I have the doors to our office and kitchen open, and heat flows in here. Soon, though, I’ll have to go out to resume winter pruning the apple orchard. Our three rather pregnant goats will line up at the fence waiting for me to throw branches to them. Winter in the mountains….
thom marti
PS: I usually convert English measures and Farenhiet temperatures to Metric and Centigrade, but my mind is so winter-blasted that I just can’t do the mental math.

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