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Why do I Feel Like Doctor Who, or perhaps Billy Pilgrim

Hello, to those of you who visit my genealogical ramblings,
I have to admit, that I feel a bit out of sorts today. I have been researching my family veteran’s history, in preparation for writing a book about our service to USA. Let me be the first to say, that I do not believe war is how differences should be settled. I feel that war too often is brought about by the force of Big Money to generate bigger profits. But that won’t be the focus of this book.
I will be presenting 12 men and women from the Dunn, Johnson, Wakefield, Flickinger, and Marti families who served in our military. They have served in every war since the Civil War, and perhaps back to the war of 1812, and maybe even the Revolution. Half of our family veterans served in combat. Two of them died in action. Several were debilitated by war wounds, or diseases, that plagued them through their lives.
I am now looking at my father’s photo. Lt. Art Dunn, 21st Weather Squadron of the 9th US Army Air Force, looks out at me from the front row of his C-47’s air and ground crews. He was 27 years old in 1944. He died ten years later, probably hurried along by the illness he contracted in war-torn Europe.
If he had not died when I was four, he would probably be in his last years now. I have been in contact with several WW2 veteran combat meteorologists, and they are indeed slowly fading away. These octagenarians and septagenarians, fifty years ago had been the young men who were my gym coaches and Boy Scout leaders in the mid- 1960’s. I feel it is my duty to try to write the story of these little known heroes of the “Weather War” that guaranteed the Allied victory.

I am now reading the 21st’s Unit History on Air Force Archives microfilm. Fortunately, I have served in the Coast Guard (which is sort of military) so I can read “Militarese”. I also was a weather observer, and forecaster, as part of my navigational duties. Armed with this experience, I will attempt to tell you the story of their war. When I finish this book, I have decided that any profits will be donated to my own veterans group, The Veterans for Peace.
thom dunn marti (unstuck in time)

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