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This Mad World Turns White

Hello All,
I have a bit of a cold, from putting in too many long days in the shorter and shorter daylight trying to get all the winter prep work done. Well, it is done, and I am sitting in here with a cup of tea, a stuffy head, and an ache or two. Of course, I think the aches might be a symptom of an even more serious malady = I will turn 60 in a couple weeks. I must report, that my voluntary exile to the world of manual labor 4 decades ago has at time been painful. If I had it all to do over again, I would have started wearing one of those back supports long ago. One other garden aid that I have recently started using are knee guards – they really help!
Even though we are two weeks from Solstice, we still have a few rows of Brussel sprouts, cabbage, and parsnip outside. The hoop houses are still full of greens and roots; in fact I just re-planted some volunteer onions (sprouting from a pile of garden weedings and thinnings) in them. I wonder what they will do?
We have canned up a lot of fruits for the winter, and have bags of berries in the freezer. We also dried a lot of apples, asian pears, and tomatoes. We made a lot of pickles, daikon kimchee, and carrot/daikon picked relish. There are Gold Rush apples in the fruit cellar, and kohlrabi, rutabaga, carrots, and potatoes in the root cellar. Our living room, the coolest room in the heated part of the house, is decorated with bushels of winter squash, garlic, and onions.
So, I think we are pretty sure we will have plenty of healthy food for our CSA-Xtended for 8 more weeks. Perhaps we will even have some left after that, and offer a modest weekly share for February = we call this CSA-Xtreme. Hmmm, I guess that March is the only month we have to go to the grocery store for greens!
Thom Marti
PS: We did go to the grocery store last evening = Wow, the prices are really going up!

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